Hi, I am Rafia Farooq.
I'm a front-end web developer & a designer.

Recent Projects


Prenatal classes

The client needed a website for prenatal classes that she offered. I created a design comp then created a fully responsive website for her.


Unplugged - Retreat

This is a multi-page sample project created with mobile-first approach, bringing ideas to life on the browser.


Rogue Pickings

I was given the task to convert a static page into a responsive page. This was achieved using CSS flexbox properties.


Recipe Collection

A sample static page created from a design comp, using HTML and CSS best practices.

steinbach distributors-webpage

Wordpress Websites

I also have experience creating custom designed websites using CMS.This site was created for an Amazon product.


Vision Board

A sample page created using CSS gird layout to arrange text and images to create an engaging page.

react project

Basic React Project.

React components and functions, charts, increment buttons and theme change button.


React API Project.

Used APIs to show weather, recent COVID results and data for countries

material UI project

React with Material UI.

Form created using Material UI with theme change icon, login/logout option.